Autoimmune Encephalitis: A Literature Review

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Tatjana Deleva-Stoshevska
Sofija Nikoloska
Bojan Stoshevski
Marko Nikoloski
Dimitar Veljanovski
Sandra Dejanova-Panov


Autoimmune encephalitis (AIE) defines brain inflammation caused by a misdirected immune response against self-antigens expressed in the central nervous system. AIE encompasses a group of non-infectious immune-mediated inflammatory disorders of the brain parenchyma often involving the cortical or deep gray matter with or without involvement of the white matter, meninges, or the spinal cord. Suggested mechanisms that may trigger AIE include tumors (paraneoplastic), infections (para-infectious), or it may be cryptogenic. This study represents a review of the common forms of AIE, exploring their causes, diagnostic approaches, and management strategies. The previous and ongoing investigations in this field have been driven by the identification of several pathogenic autoantibodies that cause polysymptomatic neuropsychiatric and neurological diseases. AIE comprises a heterogeneous group of disorders that are at least as common as infectious causes of encephalitis. Early treatment is associated with better prognosis and is crucial for the prevention of severe complications. The underlying mechanisms for activation and autoimmune response in the CNS are still unclear. Further investigations are needed to better explain how immune mechanisms affect nervous system functions.


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Deleva-Stoshevska T, Nikoloska S, Stoshevski B, Nikoloski M, Veljanovski D, Dejanova-Panov S. Autoimmune Encephalitis: A Literature Review. SEE J Immunol [Internet]. 2023 Jul. 15 [cited 2024 Jun. 16];6(1):29-33. Available from:
Clinical Immunology


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