Unlocking Therapeutic Potential of Bengkoang (Pachyrhizus erosus) Inulin and Lactobacillus Synergies in Synbiotics for Immunomodulatory Interventions in Indonesia: A Review

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Refa Rahmaddiansyah
Rauza Sukma Rita
Sukarsi Rusti


BACKGROUND: Indonesia’s vision for 2045 encapsulates a grand aspiration for global competitiveness and resilience, with an emphasis on cultivating robust and skilled human capital. This study delves into the pivotal role of health-centric food and beverages as a fundamental component aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. The objective is to confront non-communicable diseases and preempt the anticipated surge in malnutrition-related fatalities projected for Indonesia’s population of 340 million by 2045. The findings illuminate the potential of synbiotics, specifically highlighting the synergistic relationship between Bengkoang inulin and Lactobacillus.

METHODS: Conducted through a narrative literature review method, this research meticulously synthesized articles drawn from national and international journals published within the past decade. The rigorous selection criteria honed in on themes surrounding synbiotics, Pachyrhizus erosus, immunomodulators, inulin, and Lactobacillus. The chosen articles underwent comprehensive analysis and synthesis.

RESULTS: Synbiotics exhibited promising enzymatic activities, growth enhancements, and significant immune modulation. These outcomes signal substantive implications for disease prevention and overall health enhancement. The discussion emphasizes the potential application of synbiotics as a promising therapeutic intervention for malnutrition. It is underscored by its multifaceted impact on gut health, nutrient absorption, immune modulation, and its potential therapeutic applications across diverse health domains – the pivotal role of synbiotics in averting health disparities and augmenting overall well-being. The discussion delves into the immunomodulatory potential of synbiotics, elucidating their ability to fine-tune immune responses, mitigate inflammation, and potentially enhance vaccine efficacy.

CONCLUSION: This comprehensive analysis underscores the far-reaching implications of synbiotic therapy, positioning it as a promising avenue for therapeutic innovation and holistic health interventions.


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Rahmaddiansyah R, Rita RS, Rusti S. Unlocking Therapeutic Potential of Bengkoang (Pachyrhizus erosus) Inulin and Lactobacillus Synergies in Synbiotics for Immunomodulatory Interventions in Indonesia: A Review. SEE J Immunol [Internet]. 2024 Feb. 20 [cited 2024 Jul. 19];7:43-9. Available from: https://seejim.eu/index.php/seejim/article/view/6066
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